DocuCopy Integrated ID Cards

Holmberg’s integrated ID cards have Trilar, our exclusive toner-receptive film. ┬áThe cards are laminated on the front and back, allowing you to print variable data on both sides of the sheet. ┬áThe card is not tipped on, but part of the sheet.


Features and Benefits

  • Available in two styles:
    • Perf Out Style – features a traditional perforated or micro-perforated edge
    • Fold Over Style – features a smooth edge for easy removal and a card that is twice as thick as our standard card
  • Embossing dots around the edge eliminate stack bias for efficient feed
  • Trilar on both sides of the sheet allows you to print all your information in one pass
  • Sturdy laminated card is a competitively priced alternative to more expensive plastic cards
  • Custom options available for different papers, perforation formats, and card sizes and formats
  • Four color pre-printing available allowing you to print only the monochrome variable information

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